positive and negative impacts

Negative and Positive Impacts of Engineering

Positive Impacts of Engineering
Negative Impacts of Engineering

Because of the immersing engineering advancements people have increased their social network. Through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn, social interactions are couple clicks away.

Because of the immersing engineering advancements people have created a large amount of social interactions that have kept many distracted, stressed, and even qualitatively empty.

Through the advancement of civil engineering our economy has greatly benefited. From Mag-Lev Tracks, and Interstate Highways, we have been able to receive, deliver, trade, and more with others more effectively.

Software Engineering has also helped the economy. From new programming languages that help businesses perform at optimal level to the App Building companies, software has truly made an impact economically.

The agricultural economy has made very little advancement because of engineering. Sure, they may have more efficient fertilizers, or more efficient tools, compared to other fields agriculture has fallen behind. With pesticides that enhance foods and artificial ingredients the need for organic and natural foods have decreased.

The Internet has evolved through the years because of engineers. Because of the advancement advertising, rallying, and campaigning have become a piece of cake. Because of the engineering aspects of multi-media and image productions, politicians can communicate to the public much easier.

When politicians look “cool” or “classy” the young audience sways to that party. This is easily done by having a famous music artist or a band playing in the background or by having good relationships with companies targeting young children.


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