Interview with an aerospace engineer

Interview with Mr Mukesh Dave (Aerospace engineer)

1.What is your profession?
      My profession is in Electronic industries who makes equipment for US Department of Defense,   
2.How does your job connect/involve society?

   Our electronic equipment application is to protect our solders who job is to protect the society and maintain the peace in the world. 
3.How has your job advanced over the years?

   This is highly technical in nature and research and development happened with respect to time in material & chemical research, computer application & innovation, and advanced fighter plane; we use all this innovation  in our advanced products. 

4.Is your job going to differ over the years?
 Yes. All this research happens all over the world and we need to be ahead of rest of the world. 

5.Will there be any major improvements in regards to aiding the masses of society?
   Our product is also used in rescue mission such as 9/11. So all this new research product will help them. 

6.Have you participated in any major projects?

   Yes, when I worked with RCA/GE and Lockheed; I worked with space mission such as Mars Obeserver, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Space Shuttle, and Space Station.  

7.Do you think aerospace  engineering is very important?
I have spend 10 years working in Aerospace Engineering field and worked with above project and very rewarding field.

8.Does your job vary from other jobs? Is it interesting to be a aerospace  engineer?
Yes.  I recommended to go in Aerospace Engineering because you enjoy working what you study for.
You are using science to explore space, earth, and different planets. 

9.Is there a degree you need to be an aerospace  engineer?
  System Engineering
  Computer Engineering
  Aerospace Engineering