Interview with computer engineer

Interview with Mr Neeraj Gupta (Computer Engineer)

1.What is your profession?

I am a software engineer.
2.How does your job connect/involve society?

I work for a pharmaceutical company which produces drugs/medicine. These drugs help the masses in improving their day to day life. Though not directly but indirectly my job connects to society.
3.How has your job advanced over the years?

I started as a Software developer in the early days of my career. With time my role has now progressed into managing a team and delivering what ever my clients need.

4.Is your job going to differ over the years?

With so much of advancement in Computer field there are new technologies always in the market. We need to keep up to these new technologies.
5.Will there be any major improvements in regards to aiding the masses of society?

Computer engineering has always been through major improvements. Internet, Smart phones and now Big data have connected and helped the masses.
6.Have you participated in any major projects?

I am part of Aggregate Spend reporting team at Shire. It is a compliance reporting used in USA to monitor total amount spend by healthcare manufacturer, healthcare professional and Organizations through payments, gifts, travel and other means.
7.Do you think computer  engineering is very important?

Computer engineering is one of the important concentration that we have today. It helps people drive their daily life.
8.Does your job vary from other jobs? Is it interesting to be a computer  engineer?

It is very interesting to be Computer Engineer. I am into Computer Programming and i face new challenge every day. Solving these challenges is very satisfying.
9.Is there a degree you need to be an computer  engineer?

It is always good to have a degree in computer science to be a computer engineer but it is not essential. I am a Metallurgical engineer but still i am into Computer Programming.